One Down, 51 to Go

As you may guess, the first "Knitter's Year"-project is finished (and not one stich too soon, if asked from my thumps). Total use of yarn (Novita Kotiväki Colori) was 240g with 4mm needles. The yarn was tripled. 
For the lining I used some second-hand fabric I got years ago (okey, it was November 8th 2007, day after Jokela, as well as the day my friend had her second son) from Red Cross Sorting Centre of Joensuu. It was also the last time I visited my now late Great-Grandma near by Joensuu. The winter was early and the drive from Kajaani to North Karelia was terrible. It had been snowing the roads were very slipery  Once I got there I heard about the Jokela, and much of the joy of meeting Great-Grandma and Grandma was gone. I didn't think about it this year when my Bro and SiL and I went to Great-Grandma's funeral in early November. She was tremendeous knitter and spinner, but not much of a crochetter. I miss her so much.
So, after good breakfast I started to plan my sewing. First  cut all the pieces, as the lining is not done from one piece. Then I fought good fight with my sewing machine, as I used it for the very first time, and won the fight as well. 
I sew it to round first and then attached the bottom, which wasn't the easiest thing to do. Maybe I should start reading the pattern all together before starting the planning on my own.  

So, when both baskets were finaly somewhat ready, I started to sew by hand those two to together. This is were my thupms come in, as my needle wasn't sharp enough for the job.
And here is the finished project in all its glory. (Don't watch it too closely or you'll notice way too many mistakes).
The fabric of lining is very summery and it provides an easy escape of the long and dark Finnish winter.
Hopefully, I'll have time tomorrow to start the next project. I already bought the fabric for the pillowcase needed for it, as I found very nice crafts store from close by.
Happy knitting everyone!

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