Two Down, Fifty to Go

Last week's project was the pillow cover with knitted lace. I started knitting on Thursday on my way to our monthly get-together with small (but open) group of knitters. Usually in these get-togethers I knit socks, so it was a nice change. I love to have that one evening off, just laugh and talk with similar-minded people, people with whom I couldn't ever image being friends with if there weren't knitting, so versile our group is. Thank you all, you know who. =o)
 I finished the knitting on Monday after three night shifts. Quite a few of my colleaques did show their intrest of my knitting, and maybe one might be interested to buy it. I pinded it down after cutting the lining (not the right thing to do!!).
I used 170g of yarn, with 4mm needles. At work I knitted with my old Novita-circular needles, and it was the very last time I'll use them (okay, I have Knit Pros starting from the size 3½mm). The cable is unuseable!
 Today I sew the pillowcase, and to be honest, knowing my sewing skills, it was better than most of my sewing projects. =o) I noticed little too late that I don't have anything to keep the pillow inside, so I sew some strings to the upper edge, and for my oppinion, they work nicely. Or what do you think about it?

 Yesterday there was another get-together with some other knitters. I had with me my jacket, that I had to frog for size not matching up. Now I'm using ½mm larger needles and I chose bigger size as well. I'm some what 10cm short from the under arm. Luckily, I'll have weekend off.

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